What is Games to Teach?

The Games to Teach project at University of Arizona‘s Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language, and Literacy is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of teaching and learning foreign and second languages (L2) with digital games. On this blog we’ll be sharing ideas on using digital games in the L2 classroom, for example, how to review and adapt existing digital games in various languages for L2 teaching purposes. We’ll be watching for, and reporting on, current trends in mainstream gaming, educational and serious gaming, and especially, L2 learning and teaching with games. Stay tuned.

– J. Reinhardt & J. Sykes


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One response to “What is Games to Teach?

  1. Is L2 pedagogy has moved beyond method (post-method) isn’t the biggest challenge in getting the horses to water? In one class in which I taught with 17-year olds, I set up a facebook page for our class. Instead of embracing it as I expected, the students stayed away from the site. Their reasoning seemed to be that it’s not cool if the teacher uses facebook, “it’s ours.” Once the class was over the students started using the page. It seems as if there will always be an “educational” stigma no matter how artfully crafted lesson plans become. This also brings up the question if students can learn through video games anyway, why do they need school and education?

    I would like to hear others’ thoughts.

    PhD – SLAT – UofArizona

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